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09/16/2015        2016 MASS ASA STATE TOURNAMENTS
                          The 2016 Mass ASA State Championships will be held on the following dates:
                           10U/ 12A/ 12B/ 16U & 18U will be held on Friday July 8 through Sunday July 10, 2016
                           14A & 14B will be held on Friday June 17 through Sunday June 19, 2016

                           The Mass ASA is now accepting applications for any travel team or league that wishing to host a 2016 Mass ASA
                           State Championship. Completing an application does not guarantee an award. The application form can be found here.
                           Deadline for applications is September 30, 2016.
09/01/2015        2016 REGISTRATIONS STARTING SEPTEMBER 2, 2014
                           Teams playing in fall ball can register now and not have to register again in the
                           Spring (unless a team registers using a team registration form). Why wait until the last minute to register when you can
                           register now that your try-outs are complete.

                           First, teams are classified each season. Just because you were classified as Class B or Class C in 2015 does not mean your
                           team will be classified as B or C in 2016. We review the roster and registration forms each season and base the classification
                           on that alone. We do not classify teams based on ability or experience. If you do not meet the criteria set forth by the Mass
                           ASA JO staff, you will be classified as A.

                          Second, since leagues do not form until 2016, we will not be classifying ANY B or C teams until 2015. So if you register your
                          team after September 1 and your league does not register until 2016, we will be classifying you as A until your league registers
                          with the Mass ASA for the 2016 season. At that point, you can e-mail Wayne Coe and he will consult with the local JO
                          Commissioner in the area to make the proper classification.

                          Any questions about this new registration period, please e-mail Wayne Coe.
9/01/2015          MASS ASA JO FORMS BEING UPDATED FOR 2016
                          The Mass ASA JO website is now being updated for the 2016 season.  Registration forms are now available. Other forms
                           to be made available shortly.