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06/22/2014          LAST DAY FOR ROSTER ADDITIONS FOR 14A, 14B OR 16U WED JUNE 25, 2014
                            Teams playing in the Mass ASA State Championships at the 14A, 14B and 16U states are reminded that the last day to add
                            or pick up players is Wednesday June 25, 2014. After this point rosters for the states are closed. Also all forms need to be signed
                            by June 25, 2014.
                             Please note that my e-mail address has changed. Please update your address books to   
06/17/2014          MA/RI COMBINED CLASS C STATE TOURNAMENT JULY 20 - 25, 2014
Tournament format is two games in pool play leading into single elimination. Teams are responsible for paying umpires and providing softballs.
                             One  umpire will be used in pool play, two in the single elimination portion of the tournament. Once again, this tournament is for                           
                             recreational leagues/players only, players on a travel team's roster are not eligible to compete in this tournament unless the
                             travel team stems from the league and all players are registered and play in the league. This tournament is a combined RI/MA Tournament

For further information, please contact Dave Ethier at 401-465-1220 or e-mail him at Cost is $150 plus umpires
To register, visit

                            The seeded pool play and brackets for all Mass ASA State Championships are now posted on the State Tournaments
                            page. Your tournament director will be contactign you shortly with further information.
                            The Massachusetts ASA and its JO Staff would like to congratulate Lowell Girls Softball Administrator and JO Deputy
                            Commissioner Gil Vigeant for his induction into the Massachusetts ASA Hall of Fame in the Administrator category.
02/10/2014          CONCUSSION TRAINING
                            While we are not making concussion training mandatory, we think it is a GREAT IDEA for all coaches and umpires
                            to take a moment to go through this simple link to be aware of concussions and their effects.


01/31/2014          2014 18 & UNDER GOLD REGIONALS JUNE 28 - 29, 2014
                            The Mass ASA would like to announce the 2014 18U Gold New England Regionals. This event is to be held on
                             June 28 - 29, 2014 at Devens, MA. The winner of this event will receive a berth into the 2014 ASA Gold Nationals
                             to be held at the Hall of Fame Stadium, Oklahoma City, OK July 20 - 26, 2014. For further information and to download
                            an application, please click here.
                            Lowell Girls Softball will be forming an 18U and over league. They will be playing Wednesdays starting June 11th
                            and running through August 6. Teams can play every Wednesday or every other Wednesday. Any teams or players
                            interested in playing, please contact Gil Vigeant at 978-265-5352 or email him at
                            for more information.
01/05/2014         2014 ASA RULE CHANGES NOW AVAILABLE
                           The ASA rules changes for 2014 are now available on our Rules and FAQs page.
12/11/2013      2014 SUPER SOFTBALL COACHES CLINIC January 31 & February 1, 2014
                           Collegiate Skills Camps and Clinics along with the Massachusetts ASA bring to New England a superior clinic to make
                           you a better coach for the upcoming season. Coaches from UMass Lowell, Central Iowa, Ithaca and LIU will be in attendance
                           to teach you the skills to prepare you for your season now and to enjoy the game later. For further information or to
                           register, download a brochure/ registration form here.
12/09/2013         REGISTERASA NOW OPEN FOR 2014
                  is now open for team and league registrations. Should you need further assistance, please contact us
                           or download the user guides located at the bottom of the homepage.
                           Beginning in 2014, ASA has two new age classifications and will be removing one.

                           The first is a new 16U Gold classification. This is similar to the 18U Gold classification currently in place. Any team
                           can be classified as 18U Gold or 16U Gold but with that comes a caveat. Teams that classify themselves as Gold
                           are ineligible to play in any 16U or 18U level ASA Championship Play event. For example, if your team classifies
                           themselves as 16U Gold, you CANNOT play in the 16U Mass ASA State Championships, the 16U Eastern Nationals,
                           or the 16U ASA/USA National Championships. You are limited to only those ASA Championship Play events that are
                           classified as Gold. Local tournament director have the discretion of letting Gold teams into their Open tournaments.

                           The second change is ASA has removed 23U and replaced it with a new division 18U and above. This now allows
                           players that would have aged out at 23U to continue to play. Any tournament that is currently listed as 23U on the
                           ASANewEngland site would have to allow 18U & above teams to play.

                           If you have any questions, please e-mail Wayne Coe.
11/4/2013           2014 SPRING SCRIMMAGES April 26th & 27th and May 3rd & 4th
                           Looking for scrimmage games before your tournament season? If so, sign up for the Spring scrimmages to be held
                           in Lowell, MA. You can sign up for as many or as few games as you wish. Every effort will be made to accomodate your
                           request but the schedule will be based on the number of teams attending. The cost is $40 per game. To register, please
                           contact Don Beland at 978-452-9338 or e-mail him at Register now as these scrimmages fill up fast.
                           Beginning in 2014, the Massachusetts JO ASA will be changing its format for all its State Championship Play events.
                           We will be going from the current 3 game guarantee bracket to a 2 game pool play leading into a double elimination
                           event. This is subject to change based on the number of teams and field availability. For futher information, please
                           visit our State Tournaments section of this website.
10/24/2013        2014 TRAVEL TEAMS PLEASE TAKE NOTE
                          The Massachusetts ASA JO Staff has implemented a $25 fee to sign player pick up forms or to re-red line a roster
                          after June 1. Any rosters that need to be re-signed prior to June 1 or a team that needs to add up to three additional
                          players prior to June 1 will not incur any additional cost. Should you have any questions about this new fee, please contact
                          Wayne Coe.
                           Classifications are only valid for the current season. Just because your team was classified as Class B or Class C during
                           the 2013 season does not mean your team will be classified as Class B or Class C during the 2014 season. Each team must
                           go through the classification process each season. Please make sure when you complete your RegisterASA invoice that you
                           also complete the 2014 Travel Team Registration Form. No additional fee is due with the Travel Team Registration Form.

                           Also take note that Class B and Class C teams MUST come from ASA Registered Spring leagues. If there is not an ASA
                           Registered Spring league in any of the towns your players come from, you may be classified as B if 51% of your players
                           come from one town and the remainder of the players come from surrounding (touching) towns. Further information can be
                           found on the 2014 Travel Team Registration Form.
10/24/2013        MASS ASA JO FORMS UPDATED FOR 2014
                          The Mass ASA JO website has now been updated for the 2014 season. All of the forms and tournament entry
                          forms are now on-line. Tournament sanctions are now available via the local tournaments tab.